Wedding Photography Trends summer 2017/18

The wedding industry is big business. Large enough to be influenced by trends around the world, it is important as photographers to keep abreast of cutting edge changes. So far 2017 has produced some great outcomes that have delighted couples.

Smart grooms have been booking photographers to secretly capture the moment of that proposal. The pure emotions that are shown in these moments are certainly worthy of been captured.

Breaking in tradition is a trend that is slowly emerging with popularity - First Looks - When the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony, in a private moment, just the two of the them. Its a massive break in pressure normally much needed for the couple.

A trend that has gained massive momentum and is highly popular is drone aerial shots and video. Besides being able to capture the beautiful scenery, the ability to shoot 3 to 4 minute video clips of key moments is a great option to share with friends on social media.

The Day After

The Day After

After all the buzz has died down, the day after the wedding, couples are relaxed and normally excited to get onto their honeymoon destination. This provides stunning moments to be captured.

Even with all the advancement into digital technology, many brides are opting for a nostalgic look, one that only film cameras can provide, Film renders a much softer tone and colour than what digital can provide and adds much romance to images. This leads on to the final trend I will discuss - "Au Natural" - as the term depicts, there is no use of filters and very little to no post editing. Experienced photographersthat adopt this style are able to produce stunning, romantic images that are clean and natural, sometimes with dramatic back-light.

If you enjoyed any of these trends let me know. If you are looking to incorporate a particular one into your wedding gallery lets chat, I would love to hear your ideas and show you my portfolio.